Colin Wright Trades a 120 Hour Work Week For a Life of Passion, Travel, and Ultra Mobility

The interview I had done with Colin Wright turned out to be a very fascinating one. For people out there who are as interested as I am in designing their life in a bigger way, travelling all over the world without any restrictions or worrying about leaving a day job behind and wondering how and where to find the income and the means to do so; this interview is a very good way to motivate yourself.

What is interesting about Colin is that he has this great desire to travel and enjoy all those places that his travel takes him to. This is what led him to create Exile Lifestyle and pursue his passion for travelling. You might even find it more interesting that Colin leaves it to other people to decide where he is going. This is because he wanted to be different and innovative at the same time.

Some of you may even think he is crazy but let me tell you how he does this. Colin is actually a designer and entrepreneur by trade so he capitalizes on that and; he writes about what he knows. He writes about sustainability, minimalism, entrepreneurship and everything that catches his interest. That is not even the fun part yet.

While doing all these he gets to run a business and travel and stay into a new country every 4 months, all at the same time! To get his readers more involved in his travels, he lets them decide which country to go to next. Now, how different and innovative is that? I would say it is a unique idea! Not bad for a 25-year old entrepreneur, right?

Before embarking on the ride of his life, Colin was on a 100-120 hour work week attending to his businesses in L.A. He was with his girlfriend at that time who also had to work and take care of her own business as much as he did. A trip to Canada with her gave them time to talk about what they both wanted to do.

His girlfriend said she wanted to move to Seattle and he on the other hand; wanted to move out of the country. They gave each other 4 months to figure out how to achieve their goals and went separate ways as good friends. This was the start of a lot of plane, boat, bus, and taxi rides to a lot of great destinations around the globe.

He was ready to leave L.A. for Argentina where he intended to stay for 4 months and kind of immerse himself with the local culture. This was the first of one of his many ventures that he regularly writes about.

For his second destination, he asked his readers to make suggestions on where to go and he ran this through the course of one month where, the destination with the highest votes wins. After Argentina, he took some time and travelled to South America and stayed there a bit. He then took a quick detour to the States and then flies back down to New Zealand.

He does this alone and Colin admits that there is indeed some degree of anxiety especially on the first couple of weeks in a new country. He sometimes feels lonely the first few weeks. This is because of the language barrier, not knowing his way around and partly because he does not have a clue about the culture. His advice is, you have to get yourself settled down and find a place to stay as soon as possible. Force yourself to talk to people, get your hands dirty and wear your shoes off a little bit.

That basically makes sense since there is no better way to get a feel for the place and understand how people think and understand their culture than to immerse yourself in their lifestyle up close. He has devised a way to move around as easily as possible even on foot. He calls this ultra mobility and all it is about is travelling light. He talks about minimalism and considers himself a true blue minimalist. He has been able to reduce everything that he owns down to only 50 things; clothes and electronic gadgets included.

You know what? That sounds like a lot of fun to me. He avoids using the internet as much as he could, does not make any reservations for hotels or restaurants. He flew into a place and figured things out as soon as he got there. The entire point of this was to get away from those 120 hour work weeks and still make as much money as before and have more time to play. He is indeed living life as an exploratory experience with huge sense of freedom and flexibility.

Colin Wright has done it and so can you. We got the technology to make things easier. Today we all have the means to do something about how we want to live life. Make that your catalyst to start doing what you love to do. Any situation and any circumstances you got can be overcome.

Wedding Guests and Hotel and Travel Accommodations

It is almost certain that at least a few of your guests will be traveling to the wedding from out of town. If they have decided to take time off work and travel to your destination then the least you can do is make sure you do your best to take care of them.

Some couples may choose to pay for their out-of-town guests’ lodging, of course, if it fits within their budget. If it does not, here are some guidelines and suggestions to help you along the way.

Contact hotels in your area to see if you can get any discounted rates when booking a group reservation. Many hotels do offer discount packages or sometimes even give you a free room with a certain number of rooms booked. Don’t limit yourself to one hotel but offer two, one moderately priced and one more expensive. This will give your guests the option to choose the one that fits within their budget. Also, consider the location. Is it close to the place you are holding your ceremony and/or reception? If not, then you must consider car rental or shuttle service to accommodate these guests. You cannot leave them stranded at the hotel!

Once the decisions have been made on the accommodations, ensure to put a piece of paper in the invitation with the hotels’ names, rates, addresses, company phone number/email and proximity to the church/venue. Should a car rental or shuttle service be required, include their contact information as well. It is very important to provide all this to your guests so they can make an informed decision on how and where they will be travelling.

If your budget allows, putting a small welcome basket in each hotel room would be a memorable gesture. In addition you can have a small itinerary of the weekend’s events such as the rehearsal dinner or family barbecue or breakfast, should they like to attend. If not, list some local attractions such as area shopping malls, sports stadiums, beaches or parks, and popular restaurants.

If these options seem to have too many added costs, then you can consider opening up the idea to close family and friends to take these guests in while in town. To some this may present an inconvenience, but many will be more than happy to do this. You can arrange to have family cars available to them for use as well. Ideally, this is the perfect solution for out-of-town guests as they only have to pay for their flight, train or car ride to the wedding.

No matter which option you choose, the main thing to keep in mind is that your goal is creating an enjoyable experience for all your guests, something that is possible on any budget. Good luck!

Toddler Travel Beds and Hotel Accommodations

Going on vacation should be a time of peace and relaxation. However, when traveling with a toddler this can be the exact opposite. You don’t need the added stress of worrying about where your child will sleep for the night. But, if you forgot to reserve a hotel crib, you will have to make a temporary sleeping area for your toddler. Toddler travel beds can relieve this added stress.

Normally, you have the option of putting your child into his crib or toddler bed. However, when on vacation you do not have this option. In the end, you have to make temporary or “makeshift” sleeping arrangements for your child. There are numerous ways that parents choose to handle hotel sleeping arrangements.

How many times have you made a soft pallet of blankets and comforters for your child and put him on the hotel floor? There are toddler travel beds that could have made him more comfortable.

How many times have you put two chairs together and placed your child on top of them? There are toddler travel beds that could have saved you the hassle of making this makeshift bed.

How many times have you put a chair up against the hotel bed so that your toddler could not fall out of bed? There are toddler bed rails that could have prevented his fall.

How many times have you put your child into your bed for the night? You can use toddler travel beds to ensure that both you and your child will be comfortable…the next time.

The bottom line is that none of these makeshift sleeping arrangements worked very well. Did they? Your toddler was probably very restless all night. As a result, you probably did not get a wink of sleep either. Now, if you multiply this times the amount of nights spent on vacation, chances are you were probably a walking zombie when you returned home. Wow! This should have been a relaxing vacation. You should have gotten plenty of rest. However, you spent most of your night comforting your toddler who was sleeping on a makeshift bed. A toddler travel bed would have provided a better outcome.

Some will say that this is one of those sacrifices that a parent has to make. Not! Yes, you are a great parent. You will do anything for your little angel. But, shouldn’t that also include providing the best sleeping accommodations possible?

Contrary to belief, toddler travel beds are not expensive. Many of them are reasonably priced. Toddler travel beds are designed to be portable,lightweight, safe and convenient. Many even come with their own traveling cases. You can pack them and set them up in your hotel room at your own convenience. Your child is happy. You are happy. Everyone gets a good night of sleep. All is well.